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Development of an energy management system for consumption control, monitoring and forecast in order to reduce costs for industrial companies.

Identification of tractor partner, presenting the proposal to IFERCAT, NISSAN and SEAT. Finally the project was approved by SEAT.

Detection of Objects Falling in Track

Study of European security regulations.

Study of solutions for detecting falling objects or people on road giving sign emergency to stop the convoy.

Prototype implementation.

Documentation completion for the installation tender.

Start installation of solutions identified in Line 11.


Spin-off created to develop non industrial robotic solutions for key industries in Safety, Medicine, Services and Space.

Working team developed together with Guttmann Institute focused on investigation and development of robotized solutions applied to medical rehabilitation.

Project recognized by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade with a CENIT project.

Display Trimar

Development of a new multifunction panel, main market brands are tested: PROFACE, ELION, PILZ, BECKOFF, SIEMENS…

DISPLAY TRIMAR was approved in 2005.

An standard was developed to substitute many references, cycle counters and control panel together in one element.

The success of this initiative has led to sell more than 164 multifunction touch screen.

TMB Accesses Automation

Standard completion for remote controlled access including engineering and mechanical and electrical construction, plus software.

  • Prototype design and validation.
  • Accesses unification and emergency exits integration.
  • Program standard completion.
  • Technical assistance 24 x 7.
  • Improving and implementation of more than 30 accesses.
  • Homologation in purchasing platform PROTRANS.
  • Success of this initiative has led to sell more than 34 turn key accesses.