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In the 90s, new technologies appeared that began to be implemented with great intensity, such as PLCs programmable through a personal computer, the implementation of field buses that allowed the decentralization of facilities, more versatile SCADA systems and the appearance of robots with greater capacities. . 



These new technologies made it possible to simplify the installations and their maintenance, but they required qualified technicians for their implementation. Promaut Enginnering solutions SL (Promaut) was created in 1995 (Barcelona), with the aim of offering a specialized service in the new technologies that appeared in the 90s.


The turnover reaches 1 M€

In the early years, Promaut grew up in the business incubator that Barcelona Activates, developing small electrical projects and providing technical assistance to its customers. The good work of the company allowed it to grow quickly, leaving the Barcelona Activa incubator and moving to its first offices on Calle Almogàvers in Barcelona.


I Strategic Plan

Reorientation of the activity.


Innovation Department

In 2007 the innovation department was created to offer solutions to the challenges posed by our clients and group companies. The activity in innovation has been supported by different public organizations and technology centers.



The first sales are made with the countries of Germany and the United Kingdom.


II Strategic Plan

In 2012 Promaut created its mechanical engineering department and this has allowed it to develop larger and more complex projects. At that time, Promaut stopped being an electrical engineering and became an industrial process engineering with the capacity to fully develop any type of project.


III Strategic Plan

Since 2016, Promaut was considered Innovative SME by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, and in 2020 we have renewed the Innovative SME seal. In addition, this year a turnover of € 12.6 million.


Sale of LEGATO

Our LEGATO business unit is sold for € 600K.


Corporate redistribution

A new roadmap is given.



Promaut is currently made up of more than 80 professionals from different disciplines to cover the areas of simulation, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial software engineering (robotics, PLCs, MES systems), project management, mechanical and electrical assembly and innovation.

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