PROMAUT with the partners of the 3DLightrans project

Before the end of the year, PROMAUT, as leader of the WP5 work package of the 3D-LightTrans project, organized the annual event in which the activities carried out by the consortia in this project task are monitored. There were intense hours of information exchange, opinions and sharing among the attending partners to agree on the next actions to be taken.

The 3D-LightTrans (Large scale manufacturing technology for high-performance lightweight 3D multifunctional composites) was presented together with 17 companies from 8 countries and managed to obtain European funds for its execution. Its objective: to incorporate innovative, efficient, flexible and low-cost technologies to the manufacture of textile compounds reinforced with plastics.

The project has been running for 30 months and the expected completion date is April 2015.

Among the partners of the project we have companies with a long history such as Federal Mogul, Bentley or the Ricerche Center of Fiat, Universities such as Orleans or Ghent and research centers such as Leitat or Svum, among others.

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