PROMAUT, at the Pimec Financiapime Forum "

Press release 04/29
Joan Matutano, Founding Partner and Head of Business Development at PROMAUT, presents, at the Pimec Financiapime Forum of the Barcelona Stock Exchange, the details of its third strategic plan to increase its presence in the automotive sector worldwide.

In its first strategic plan, PROMAUT diversified its activity from working only in the automobile sector by starting its activities in the Energy Efficiency, Railway and Aeronautical sectors.

In its second strategic plan, it increased its activity by offering outstanding projects in hand and internationalizing its activity. Said strategic plan allowed to increase its sales from 2011 to 2013 by 250%.

In the new strategic plan, PROMAUT intends to open a production center in Germany, start its activities in Mexico and constitute a launcher of industrial projects following the methodology that has allowed us to establish companies such as Robcam, Enertika, Trimar, Aquiles, Addixa, Dimatec and Railsa. consolidating the Promaut group (
For this third strategic plan, PROMAUT intends to raise capital to grow internationally and acquire several companies, some of them already identified.

With this third Strategic Plan, PROMAUT will consolidate itself as a Global Automobile supplier thanks to the approvals and knowledge acquired during its 20 years of presence in the market.

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