PROMAUT participates in the Industry 4.0 conference

This Wednesday, April 22, the conference “The future of industry in Europe. Industry 4.0 ”. It has been organized by ACCIO and the Col.legi d'Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya, with the aim of promoting international technological cooperation between Catalan companies and technology centers and German companies, to try to import the German model of advanced industry in Catalonia.

The new Industry 4.0 will allow us to develop new products that we can sell internationally, in addition to: more standardization, more efficiency, less time to start-up production facilities, lower cost of facilities, and systems that protect and care for the environment, consuming less energy and generating less waste.

Pere Padros, head of R + D + i, has represented PROMAUT with the experience and contributions of the company to the fourth industrial revolution, also called Industry 4.0. It is intended to improve the competitiveness of our industries using the immense potential of new digital and virtual technologies with the need to have more flexible factories and improve productivity.

PROMAUT was the first Spanish company to implement the new SIEMENS Tia Portal solutions in BMW Dingolfing with success and recognition from the BMW end customer.

Also noteworthy is the extensive experience of GRUPO PROMAUT in carrying out national and European R&D projects, which in many cases have become new business initiatives in the form of spin-offs (

PROMAUT has extensive experience in generating Spin-offs that have contributed to GRUPOPROMAUT a turnover of more than € 30M since the establishment of these new companies and is immersed in a growth plan in which new professional and geographical skills are being acquired. , we have created 6 new jobs since January 1, 2015.

The event was attended by the Fraunhofer Institute in Baden-Württemberg, the most advanced region in terms of automation in Europe, the Eurecat Technology Center and the companies Nelmia and Increnta Solutions from Catalonia; and concluded with an excellent standing buffet, at the World Trade Center Barcelona, Sala Port Vell, hosted by the Minister of Finance and Economy of the Land Baden-Württemberg, Dr. Nils Schmid.


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