Simbiots Project

The SIMBIOTS project aims to develop technologies that allow the interaction between robots and people to promote the competitiveness of companies. Worldwide, the introduction of robotics in production processes is key to improving the productivity and flexibility of companies, but in advanced countries there are strict safety regulations to protect the operator that limits the capabilities of current robots. The SIMBIOTS project aims to provide the robots with the necessary capacities to be able to work together with a person, collaborating and interacting in a safe way for the operator or the people around the robot. To this end, work is being done on developing technologies to equip the robot with perception, to be able to identify its work environment, the people around it and identify the operator's intentions in order to react accordingly.

PROMAUT, as an industrial partner of the consortium, is in charge of industrializing the technologies developed in the project, understanding industrializing how to prepare these technologies for use in an industrial environment. To this end, a rigorous study of the different regulations regarding the safety of industrial machines and equipment is being carried out.

For the validation of the technologies, a pilot will be carried out at the ZANINI production plant, where a manipulator robot from the manufacturer PAL Robotics will be installed, modified to adapt it to the requirements of the industry. TIAGo, the commercial name of the robot, is a manipulator robot conceived for non-industrial environments such as hotels, fairs, universities, but it has a series of characteristics that make it suitable for the purpose of the project. Some of these qualities are:

  • Certain humanoid appearance, which facilitates the acceptance of operators to work with him.
  • Collaborative robot is designed to work with a person without causing harm.
  • Autonomous and mobile, it does not need to be connected to the electricity grid thanks to its batteries and it has a mobile base that allows it to move safely.
  • Basic perception, it has a pair of cameras simulating the eyes of a person that allow it to recognize objects and people, faces.

The objective of the TIAGo robot in the pilot installed in the ZANINI factory will be to work in the process of cleaning the emblems of vehicle manufacturers in close collaboration with the operator. Before the emblems varnishing process, the final treatment of the emblem manufacturing process, it is necessary to clean each of the emblems to avoid dirt or grease residues before varnishing. To do this, the robot will be equipped with new perception capabilities, the robot will be modified so that it complies with industrial safety regulations, and it will be modified so that it can work in an industrial environment meeting the requirements of robustness in addition to meeting other standards industrial equipment.

(Ris3Cat 2018-2020)

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