Train 4.0 project

Train 4.0 is a research project that will allow facing the modernization of the railway sector, developing new technologies in the environment of industry 4.0

One of the many partial objectives of TRAIN 4.0 will be to control in an automated way the entire production flow of the wagons to detect and improve the entire production process, using Indoor Positioning technologies. The project will take advantage of new technologies, such as YACHT, telecommunications and MES platforms.

The consortium is made up of PROMAUT, a Catalan SME engineering company that has developed a MES system, TRACKTIO Catalan Pyme that has developed different technologies for precise indoor and outdoor positioning, and ALSTOM Sta. Perpetua, a train manufacturer, who will act as an end user .

(Call ACCIÓ 10/2017 - 10/2018)

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